Swarntara.com is a free matrimonial services, exclusively, for swarnkar / soni community. No charges are applicable to register and contact other profiles. But we have made sure that your privacy is maintained. You can decide what information about your profile to share to others ( on their request ). So register now and avail this wonderful free service to find your soul mate.
34 yrs, 5' 08"
Bihar, India
21 yrs, 5' 07"
Haryana, India
28 yrs, 5' 11"
Bihar, India

Swarntara website has been launched with sole motive to provide matrimonial and other (yet under consideration) services to the people of swarnkar / sonar / soni community, all over India as well as anywhere in world.

There is no charge to post your profile on this website, means one can register his/her profile for free. This site is strictly for swarnkar / sonar / soni community.

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